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Soloveichik, Young Ritual, Danny VanZandt, Lester
with Soloveichik, Young Ritual, Danny VanZandt, Lester
Soloveichik is the solo-project of Michigan native Andrew Solway, whose songwriting blends the familiarity of Midwest-Emo with his own brand of poignant storytelling. His first full length album, ‘At the Close’, made in partnership with longtime collaborators Austin Stawowczyk (Shortly, Seaholm) and Evan Laybourn, draws inspiration from Richard Powers’ sprawling novel ’The Overstory,’ as well as his own experiences with loss and self-reckoning. From the writer: “I wrote these songs at a point in my life where I was not sure I wanted to be around anymore. I had hurt everyone around me, myself most of all… it took me a long time to realize that to die was just as much a choice as to try life. I knew that whatever I ended up choosing, I was at the close of whatever story I had been telling myself all along…” In laying his own spiritual reckoning bare, Solway crafts stories that strike at the heart of what it means to live in integrity with oneself after the storm.  

‘At the Close’ will be available on all streaming platforms on 1/21/2022.  
Young Ritual
Danny VanZandt