The Delta Bombers, Hillbilly Casino, Volk
with The Delta Bombers, Hillbilly Casino, Volk
The Delta Bombers
Long nights soaked in whiskey, the powerful emotions of self-love and self-hate, the raw energy of theplasma laced guitar and vocals: These are a few maxims of the Delta Bombers. Formed in 2008 by fourteenagers looking for a good time and a release oftheir rockabilly sensibilities the Bombers' have grownend over end since then in more ways than one. Their humble beginnings have now grown the Las Vegasoutfit into world leading roots Rock n' Rollers clandestine and ready for any stage at any time. Notshy ofa live show their performances, now legendary the world over, as is their prolific singer song-writer frontman Chris Moinichen. The strike team behind his howling vocals is Andrew Himmler on Guitar, GregorioGarcia on Stand-Up Bass & PJ Franco on drums. The Delta Bombers exist only to continue what theystarted: A worldwide Rock and Roll revolution.
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