Upcoming Shows at The Sanctuary

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with Destroy Boys, Jigsaw Youth, The Umbrellas

with The Queers, Suzi Moon, You Dirty Rat, Lily Livers

with Rezn, Temple of the Fuzz Witch, Soros, Iron Mountain

with Mobile Deathcamp, Reducer, Ten Thousand Teeth, Cyadine

with Bloodlined Calligraphy, Ante Up, Bushido Code, Manic Outburst, D Bloc, Treason, Under The Knife, Unabomb

with EYEHATEGOD, IV And The Strange Band, The Lucid Furs, Electric Huldra, Busby Death Chair

with We Are the Union, Catbite, Grey Matter, Dissidente

with Never Ending Game, Three Knee Deep, Undeath, D Bloc, Fantasy World

with Fit For An Autopsy, Ingested, Enterprise Earth, Signs Of The Swarm, Great American Ghost

with Ally Evenson, noveltysongs, Jacob Sigman, Trauna

with The Breathing Process, Worm Shepherd, Alukah, Mortem Incarnatum

with Boyfrienders, Seaholm, Equipment, Goodluckry

with Inhuman Condition, MICAWBER, Crusadist, Centenary, Nethergate

with Lomelda, alexalone

with 30 ON 6, Escape Plan, Fruit of the Womb, As Your Attorney

with Lake Mosaic, Rosemont, Unknown Neighbors, Candor, Luna PIER

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