Kill Alters, Deli Girls, Murder Pact
with Kill Alters, Deli Girls, Murder Pact
Kill Alters
Deli Girls
Deli Girls is an American rave-punk band based in Brooklyn, NY founded in 2013. The front person Dan Orlowski (GUIDO, Shitney Queers, Nu Jazz) has been working with a variety of new producers since 2022, such as Dani Rev, Hatechild., Swan Meat, RXM Reality, and Manapool. Orlowski is performing live with producer Dani Rev (Chao Gardem, 909 Worldwide) for their upcoming Spring 2023 US tour, which will be the first NYC dates for the project since 2021.
Murder Pact

Murderpact is the instrumental duo of producer/composer Hampton Albert and percussionist/composer John Bemis. The band was formed in 2017 when the two met studying music and joined forces to make the most physical, heavy, and psychedelic music imaginable. Combining elements of club music, extreme metal, experimental electronics and bass music, the duo found a home in Brooklyn’s experimental DIY and rave scenes. They have performed alongside acclaimed artists such as Lightning Bolt, Torche, Jason Lindner, Street Sects, and Lucas Abelas.