Rodeo Boys, Hayley and the Crushers, Elspeth Tremblay & The Treatment , Seaholm

Rodeo Boys
Hayley and the Crushers
One part punk-pop, one part sunny surf, all "poolside glitter trash," California's Hayley and the Crushers offer up a tsunami of bold, bad girl fun. Fizzy, frothy, and more than a little dangerous, be careful just how far you paddle out. There's blood in the water and the mermaids in this part of the Crusherverse are known to nibble.The band is working on their fourth full length album to follow up Vintage Millennial (2020) and COOL/LAME (2018). Signed to Josie Cotton’s Kitten Robot Records in 2021, the Crushers are what the iconic New Wave queen calls “the naked embodiment of power pop punk!”
Elspeth Tremblay & The Treatment