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with Gouge Away, Buio Omega, Riot Course, Cult Therapy

with Internal Bleeding, Mutilatred, Cenotaph, Throne

with It Does Today, Bloodlined Calligraphy, Wounded Touch

with Fleshwater, Modern Color, 9Million

with Altars, Artificial Brain, Goetia, Archthrone

with UADA, Stabbing, Bewitcher, Upon Stone

with Me Nd Adam, Moravian, Perfect Strangers

with Get The Shot, Life Cycles

with Mouthful of Locusts, Mafia Birdhouse, Dead Hour Noise, Ogemaw County, At Water

with Youth Fountain, Action / Adventure, Carpool, Escape Plan

with Snarls, Yasmin Nur

with Liturgy, Vermin Womb, Sissy Spacek, Body Void

with Masacre, Sadistic Ritual

with Fell Ruin, Temple of the Fuzz Witch, Mammon, Graboids

with Greylotus, Sarah Longfield, Annex Void, Beneath This Facade

with Sincerely, Secret Gardens, Clipboards, Death Dance

with Quasi, Jeffrey Lewis

with Outline In Color, Nightlife, Foxcult

with The Hirs Collective, Abuse Repression, Pillar of Light, Cemetery Girl

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